Wheel Of Prizes



  1. The Wheel Spin requires Credits to use. There is 1 free chance to spin the wheel daily, and it’s reset at 0:00.
  2. А portion of Credits used to spin will be placed in the prize pool. The player who lands on the credit space receives all the credits in the prize pool.
  3. The number of Credits received is the amount shown prior to spinning
  4. The double bar will fill each time a player spins. When the double bar is full, players will receive double rewards. If players spin using 10x spin, only the first spin alter the bar is full is doubled.
  5. Spin the wheel to increase your score. At the end of the event, players with 1200 or more will obtain a reward If players are above 1200 and in the Top 10, they will receive a greater reward. Players with less than 1200 and in the Top 10, will receive a smaller reward.

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