Trial – here you must challenge stages to receive reward.  It’s the main way to get Сhips and Chip Fragments.



  1. Ship’s durability will not decrease in the trial.
  2. You can only challenge the stage in the progress ‚ you may get the reward(s) when you passed the stage.
  3. There are ten stages in a chapter, you can reset the progress to the first stage of the chapter, then you can challenge the stage again.
  4. According to your best Trial ranking, system will start to count from Sunday 11:00 p.m. to 8:00 a.m. and send the rewards automatically. Players can not attend Trial during this time and all records will be reset alter rewards been sent.
  5. You can set your progress +10 by sweep the stage, the limit of stage what you can sweep is decided by your highest record:
  • sweep to highest stage while below stage 30;
  • directly sweep to stage 30 while below stage 50;
  • while above stage 50, sweep limit is current stage minus 20 stages.


Increase Damage, Armor and Shield. A successful refresh can improve the effect by 2%.You may fail to refresh using crystals. To successfully refresh use credits. And you can use it several times, of course.


This is Trial in Normal mode – relatively easy. It was not additional requirements.


For Trial in Hard mode you must pass all the stages (80) in Normal mode and get LVL 71.

[Expert mode picture coming soon]

For Trial in Expert mode you must pass all the stages (80) in Hard mode and get LVL 80.

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