Tech: Starship

Technology: Starship

1st Line

Ship Tech Ship Tech 0 – 36 Unlock more starships. To improve any technology you need:

a) {X} crystals;

b) {Y} time;

c) certain level of Research Lab;

d) certain level of previous technology.

For 1st Line technology you also need certain captain LVL.

For example: to improve Engine Tech (2nd Line) to 1-st LVL you need

*Research Lab LVL5

**Ship Tech LVL5

*** 500 Crystals

**** 10 sec.

Higher levels of technology are costly. Having them gives you a significant advantage over the players have not reached them.

Try to develop all technologies equally. This will make your development more harmonious.

Tech Starship


2nd Line

Light Hull Light Hull 0 – 33 Light ship’s Durability increased by {X}%.
Engine Tech Engine Tech  0 – 33 Ships max energy increased by {X}%.
Sensor Tech Sensor Tech  0 – 33 Fleet’s scanning level +{X}. The tech only works then effective level reaches integer numbers.

3td Line

RCS RCS 0 – ? Lights ship’s Evade increased by {X}%.
Heavy Hull Heavy Hull 0 – ? Heavy ship’s Durability increased by {X}%.
Medium Hull Medium Hull 0 – ? Medium ship’s Durability increased by {X}%.
Impulse Drive Impulse Drive 0 – ? Ship’s Speed increased by {X}%.
EPS EPS 0 – ? Starship’s output power increased by {X}%.
Astrometry Astrometry 0 – ? Fleet’s scanning level +{X}. The tech only works then effective level reaches integer numbers.

4th Line

Renovate Cargo Renovate Cargo 0 – ? Ship cargo capacity increased by {X}%.
Polaron Armor Polaron Armor 0 – ? Heavy ship’s Armor increased by {X}%.
Ablative Armor Ablative Armor 0 – ? Medium ship’s Armor increased by {X}%.
Bussard Collector Bussard Collector 0 – ? Time to collect and unload resources -{X}%.
Deflector Shield Deflector Shield 0 – ? Ship’s Shield increased by {X}%.

5th Line

Neutronium Hull Neutronium Hull 0 – ? All starship’s Durability increased by {X}%.
Fluidic Deflection Fluidic Deflection 0 – ? Starship’s Evasion +{X}%.
Regenerative Shield Regenerative Shield 0 – ?  Ship’s energy: Shield conversion rate increased by {X}%.
Multiphasic Shield Multiphasic Shield 0 – ? Ship’s Shield increased by {X}%.

6th Line

Temporal Shield Temporal Shield 0 – ? Chroniton torpedoes cannot ignore Shield by {X}%.

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