Tech: Planetoid

Technology: Planetoid

1st Line

Terraforming  Terraforming 0 – 30 Player can occupy {X} colonies. To improve any technology you need:

a) {X} crystals;

b) {Y} time;

c) certain level of Research Lab;

d) certain level of previous technology.

For 1st Line technology you also need certain captain LVL.

For example: to improve Energy Cells (2nd Line) to 1-st LVL you need

*Research Lab LVL5

**Terraforming LVL4

*** 500 Crystals

**** 10 sec.

Higher levels of technology are costly. Having them gives you a significant advantage over the players have not reached them.

Try to develop all technologies equally. This will make your development more harmonious.

Tech Planetoid

2nd Line

Energy Cells Energy Cells 0 – 30 Energy Station’s power supply increased by {X}%.
CFI Replicator CFI Replicator  0 – 30  Building’s construction speed increased by {X}%.
Satellite Tech Satellite Tech  0 – 30 Unlock more satellites.

3td Line

Mining Tech  Mining Tech 0 – ? Metal production increased by {X}%.
Automated_Ship  Automated Ship Station 0 – ? Ship’s building speed increased by {X}%.
Satellite Defense System  Satellite Defense System 0 – ? Satellites Durability increased by {X}%.
Orbital Defense Grid Orbital Defense Grid 0 – ? Increases max number of satellites allowed by {X}%.

4th Line

Crystal Harvest  Crystal Harvest 0 – ? Crystal production increased by {X}%.
Enchanced Firing Platform Enchanced Firing Platform 0 – ? Satellite’s damage increased by {X}%.

5th Line

Target Lock System Target Lock System 0 – ? Satellite’s Hit increased by {X}%.


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