Team Stage


Three times per a day you can get a reward for victory over the enemy in Team Stages. This may be Metal Box, Crystal Box, Officer EXP cards, equipment pieces and another.


  1. Everyone has access to 3 stages, which will refresh at 00:00 each day. You can refresh the stage list for free 3
    times per day.
  2. You can create a team to challenge the stage or join another player‘s team to challenge.
  3. Beat the team stage to get a reward Everyone can get rewards 3 times every day. You can continue helping other
    players challenges, but you will not get any rewards.


You can choose type of team, which you can create. This list generated randomly. And you have possibility to refresh it free 4 times. For more refreshes you need credits.


This is a sample of Team Stage party, which waiting third member for the Crystal team.


If party is yours, then you have possibility press the button “Invite” and send automatic inviting to the main chat. Both factions (UFP and KDF) can going together.

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