Squadron is an association of players of the same faction (UFP or KDF), whose main tasks are to ensure collective security, coordination of joint actions and increase the squadron level. Squadron store can offer its members a wide range of goods (based on squadron level).


On the first tab (“Information”) you can see the level of the squadron, his progress and information for its members written by squadron leader. It also shows the number of your contributions, which can be used to purchase goods in the squadrons Shop.


Second tab of squadron (“Members”) interface show you list of members: Name, Post, Level, Total Contribution and Activity.


Third tab (“Defense List”). Here the player can assign a clone of its fleet to protect the colonies of other members of the squadron and get a reward (Contributions). You need to save your current strength and renew if it change. Every day you have an abilities to add clone of your fleet to friendly colony defense list up to three times.


The last tab of squadron interface window is the “Shop”. Here squadron members can buy a lot of useful items. Them needed some amount of “Contributions” for deal.


  1. Contribution comes from contributing squad medal and squadron events.
  2. You can get squad medal from Daily Score and System Batlle.
  3. Contribution used to exchange items in squadron shop.
  4. Contribution will be cleared alter leaving the squadron.

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