Levitating Base

You can meet levitating base in Star Trek: Alien Domain in two cases:

  • you decided to move your base to another planet;
  • someone decided to occupy the planet where your colony located.

If one day you find in your mailbox the following System Message like that:

System Message: You have lost your colony!

then most likely it would mean, that someone from a hostile faction of ignorance or malicious intent used the “Occupy” instead of “Loot” button. As a result, switching to the colony screen you will see a picture of this kind:

Levitating Base

And in the lower right corner you will see an unusual icon of the colony, which was attacked:

Levitating Base

Most often it is the fault of new players who do not understand the differences between the “Occupy” and “Loot”. In game chat can often hear the indignation about this from the older players. Many leaders of the squads write about this in “Information” tab.

Now we will talk about how to eliminate the consequences of the attack, which led to the levitation base.

First of all you must decide where will now be your base. You can leave it on the old planet or move to a new one. This incident can be used to your advantage if you anyway want to move the base to another location.

The fact is, that in order to move the base to another location you must first make it levitating. To do this you need Levitation Permit. You can get it in the game for free or buy for credits.

If someone does not have Levitation Permit and ability to buy it, then you can see his request to the players of the opposite faction to attack his own base in order to make it levitate.

Few simple steps to move your Base

Well, you decide where your database will be located. Now you need to make a few simple steps:

  1. Move your fleet to the planetoid you wish to Occupy (old or new). Click it to pull up a sub menu and click Detail.
  2. If the planetoid is occupied by fluidic creatures, you will have to attack and destroy them before you can colonize the planet. Once the planetoid is unoccupied, click Colonize. All that is left now is to move your levitating colony and bind it to the planetoid.
  3. Click your fleet icon to open the planetoid sub-menu and click Move Base.Levitating Base
  4. Select the base you wish to plant on the current planetoid and click Move Base. This can be done after 2 hours after the colony began to levitate. On the screenshot at the bottom of this period has not yet expired. You can quickly complete the waiting period for the credits.

Levitating Base

And that’s all there is to it. It will take three hours before your base reaches the new colony and binds to the planetoid.

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