Inlay – Starship Equipment


“Inlay” is the fourth tab in “Starship Equipment” window. If you have some Chip’s, you can insert them to the different types of your equipment: weapon, shield, engine, armor or torpedo.

Use the drop down menus to sort the equipment by type and location.

Select any piece of equipment from the list on the left and you will see the chips inserted before and free slots, that you can use.

The number of chips that you can insert into a part of your equipment depends on its level (see table below). You can collect isolinear chips by Trial.

Equipment LVL

Number of Chips

 0 1
 30 2
 45 3
 60 4
 75 5

Chip Name










  Aim Chip +0.5% +1% +1,8% +3% +4,5% +8% +12%    
Chip_Purple Armor Chip +5 +10 +30 +60 +100 +180 +300 +500  
Chip_Blue Crit Chip +0.5% +1% +1,8% +3% +4,5% +8% +12%    
Chip_Green Laser Chip +10 +15 +25 +50 +100 +180 +300 +500  
  Shield Chip +50 +80 +150 +250 +400 +800 +800 +1300  

From the Official Announcement Version 1.08 (update on June 8th 2015)

6. Added Isolinear Chip System

1) The isolinear chip system unlocks at Lv.20.

2) There are 5 kinds of chips:

i. Laser Chip: Increase ATK.

ii. Armor Chip: Increase DEF.

iii. Shield Chip: Increase shield points.

iv. Aiming Chip: Increase hit.

v. Crit Chip: Increase crit points.

3) Chips have five colors: green, blue, purple, orange and red. Green chips are Lv.1-2 chips; blue are Lv.3-4 chips; purple are Lv.5-6 chips; orange are Lv.7-8 chips and red are Lv.9 and above chips.

4) Chips can be inserted, removed, upgraded and resolved.

5) Each piece of equipment has 5 insertion slots. Up to 5 chips can be inserted into each piece of equipment. Only one chip of the same type can be placed.

6) The first slot of each equipment is unlocked as a default. The remaining slots can be unlocked when the equipment is enhanced to a relevant level. Chips cannot be inserted into locked slots.

7) Chip fragments are required to upgrade chips. Chip fragments are divided into green, blue and orange. They provide different chip EXP.

8) Resolve a chip to obtain green chip essences.

9) The Chip Lab’s level decides the top level that a chip can be upgraded to.


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