The Easter event has begun!

The Easter event has begun!

  1. Players can receive 4 kinds of special currency during the event. Use them to exchange for Easter Starships, Bloen Scout Sets (Easter) and other items. Your character needs to reach the required level to use event Starships and Bloen Scout Sets (Easter).
  2. We’ve prepared lots of rewards for the Easter top-up event.
  3. Join the Wheel of Prizes for a chance of. winning a Credit Prize, event ships and Bloen Scout Sets (Easter).
  4. There are multiple kinds of festival crates in the Easter Discount Shop. Open these crates and you may receive exclusive starships and Bloen Scout Sets (Easter). Many items are on sale, don’t miss them!

Easter Starships and Equipment are only available during the event period. Bloen Scout Sets (Easter) has new attributes. After the event, all the unexchanged event currency can be used to receive metal.




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