KDF UFP Building Max LVL Description
 1 Energy Station KDF Energy Station UFP Energy Station 50 Energy Stations generate electricity, providing power to other buildings. A lack of energy will stop buildings from upgrading or weaken their normal functions.
 2 Metal Factory KDF Metal Factory UFP Metal Factory 50 The Metal Factory collects metallic ores from below the surface and processes them into usable materials. increasing the Metal Factory‘s level can improve metal production.
 3 Metal Storage KDF Metal Storage UFP Metal Storage 50 Metallic ore is placed in Metal Storage after being refined Increasing the Metal Storage’s level can improve its storage capability.
 4 Crystal Factory KDF Crystal Factory UFP Crystal Factory 50 The Crystal Factory collects and process es energy crystals to manufacture energy source. Increasing the Crystal Factory’s level can improve crystal production.
 5 Crystal Storage KDF Crystal Storage UFP Crystal Storage 50 Crystal Storage is used to store energy crystals Increasing the Crystal Storage’s level can improve its storage capacity.
 6 Research Lab KDF Research Lab UFP Research Lab 50 The Research Lab houses researchers and precision equipment to study various technologies. Increasing the Research Lab’s level will unlock more technology and increase research speed.
 7 Isolinear Lab KDF Isolinear Lab UFP lsolinear Lab 50 Scientists are hard at work in the lsolinear Chip Laboratory to create new isolinear chips. Increase the level of the lab to increase chip level limits.
 8 Communication Matrix KDF Communication Matrix UFP Communication Matrix  3 Thanks to the high-powered transmitter of the Communication Matrix, reliable communication in fluidic space has been realized.  Build a Communication Matrix to enable chat and squadron functions.
 9 Starport KDF Starport UFP Starport 50 Starships can dock and be repaired in the Starport, but they must leave the fleet first. Increasing the starport’s level can improve ship repair speed and the max number of ships that can be docked.
10 Deuterium Synthesizer KDF Deuterium Synthesizer UFP Deuterium Synthesizer 1 The Deuterium Synthesizer creates deuterium using the fluid in fluidic space. Increasing the Deut Synthesizers level can improve deuterium production.
11 Shipyard KDF Shipyard UFP Shipyard 50 Starships can be built and repaired in the Shipyard, but they must leave the fleet first Increasing the shipyards level can improve ship building and repair speeds as well as the max number of ships that can be docked.
12 Defence Control Center KDF Defence Control Center UFP Defense Control Center 50 The Defense Control Center allocates and controls all defensive unmanned satellites to defend against possible attacks.

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