The Bloen are a species that very little is known about. Similar to Species 8472 in their use of bio-technology and the ability to form symbiotic relationships with their ships, the Bloen were once an enemy of Species 8472. For unknown reasons. rather than exterminating the Bloen. Species 8472 discovered they could telepathically control the creatures, and have instead enslaved them to act as weapons in their wars.

Bloen Starships

The advanced starships of the Bloen have strong combat capabilities. Their ships are designed using bionic principles, but unlike Species 8472, their vessels are made of a mixture of organic and inorganic substances.

Bloen Battleship Bloen Frigate Bloen Cruiser
Bloen Battleship Bloen Frigate Bloen Cruiser
The Bloen Battleship is the flagship of the BIoen species and the stage where the earlier bio-ships seem to stop evolving. Also controlled by a singe pilot, the Bio-Frigate is a bio-ship built for offensive missions and hunting down enemies. The Bio-Cruiser is a ship created for a small crew and is the first Bloen bio-ship to have a reliable defense.
Bloen Scout Bloen Destroyer
Bloen Scout Bloen Destroyer
The smallest Bloen Scout, it is controlled by a singe pilot. The Bloen Destroyer is the largest Bloen ship and it is rumored that the smaller ships are spawned from it None know where they come from.
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